Examples of Our Work

We take pride in the diverse range of projects we’ve worked on, from small businesses to large corporations.

Browse through our projects to see how we’ve helped clients improve their online presence and drive more revenue.

SEO-Focused Content Case Study

One of Australia’s leading cosmetic clinics forth both men and women. They offer a wide range of beauty enhancement services to improve aesthetic confidence.

Industry: Beauty

What DPM Did: SEO & Content Marketing to increase brand awareness, traffic & sales enquiries from their website.

Online Growth Goals

The goal was to increase online traffic to their website, outrank the competition and rank for a new clinic location.

DPM put together an advanced SEO strategy that included a new approach to their content marketing for both top and bottom funnel keywords and suggested technical SEO modifications to optimise search engine results and increase conversion rates.

Our SEO-Focused Content Process

No online marketing campaign is the same but to ensure consistency, our SEO & content marketing services are broken down into the following 4 phases:

Content Ideation
Content Creation
Content Optimisation
Content Promotion

All 4 phases a critically important to increase organic traffic and achieve higher rankings on Google. Our team follow a proven content marketing process to ensure campaign results and success.

The Results

Within 6 months we had achieved some incredible results including ranking on the 1st page of Google for their Joondalup keywords & had doubled their website traffic for important keywords across the top, mid & bottom of their marketing funnel.

  • Doubled Organic Traffic in 6 months
  • Ranking for both top, mid & bottom funnel keywords
  • Ranking on the 1st page for important ‘suburb’ modifier keywords.

These great results would not have been possible without our SEO services and content marketing strategy.

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E-Commerce Case Study

A family run business based in Melbourne, Australia stocking over 30 different sizes of super clear, resealable cellophane bags. The company prides itself on delivering the highest quality cello bags, quickly and at a cost-effective price.

Product: Cello Phone Bags

What DPM Did: The paid advertising channels were not sustainable long-term & we knew that a focused SEO campaign targeting Australia wide would be the best strategy for long-term, sustained growth moving forward.

The Results

Our initial goal was to increase year on year organic traffic by 200% and to make organic traffic one of the top 2 marketing channels for sales.

Within 12 months, organic traffic grew by 1,005% between June 2019 and June 2020:

The site also ranks in the top 3 positions on Google for key commercial search terms, up from 0 keywords in the top 3 search results in June 2019. Based on the investment made, the campaign has delivered a 455% return on investment over the last 12 months. We predict ROI to climb further as we continue to expand the sites organic growth opportunities. 

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Monthly Subscription Service

This company started from zero and hired us right from the beginning. We continue to help them consistently generate sales and a very competitive industry to be in.

Industry: Print On Demand

What DPM Did: As there aren’t many Print on Demand spy-tools out there we knew it would be difficult to enter such a market. As a result we decided to market this product through Facebook ads, Google ads and optimize the website for long-term SEO and using giveaways.

The Results

We started seeing sign-ups come in instantly through the ads so we began to scale a bit more each month. Recurring subscriptions meant every customer sign-up ended up bringing in a revenue of 8X more than the cost of conversion.

Profitable First Year

Within the first year, the business had already generated over $50,000 USD in revenue and was largely profitable as there was no overhead. Not only that, but their customer email list grew to over 1000 (from email sign-up giveaways).

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